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Knowledge in Lores (History, Arcane, Etc) will give your character additional information.

Ulterr is a low magic setting dominated by humanity. The world has a rich history of conquest, magic, and war. The primary focus of the game will be on discovering the world.

Magic and rituals can do incredibly powerful things, and items can be imbued with magical power, but whether or not “magic items” actually exist is up for debate. No one has actually confirmed a true magical item and many a swindler has imbued an item with magical energy, only for that power to dissipate in a week’s time.

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Religions of Ulterr

Continents and Their Most Dominant Countries

Campaign Map as of August 2013

Dalorn – Starting continent for the PCs. Known for its desirable climate, large population, and noble families unable to decide on the management of their country.

Idrial – Country to the North East of Dalorn. Known for having the best ships in the world, and controlling the Strait of Idrial, the best connection between the inner and outer seas of Ulterr.

Embler-Tannith – Country to the North West of Dalorn, but separated by the Barrens of Embler and the Wall of Tannith.

Maelstrom of Alleryn – The great storm between the three continents of Ulterr.

Frost Peaks – Mountain range to the North of Embler-Tannith and Idrial.

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