Present Day – The Campaign Starts when a Dalorn merchant discovers a previously submerged cave on the coast between Dalorn and Embler-Tannith.

-4 Embler-Tannith elects Taryn Para, a warrior from the city of Embler, as their High Councilor. She is considered the most powerful woman in the world.

-10 The Twin Kings of Idrial are crowned.

-40 Idrial makes an alliance with the Great Men.

-70 Trade renews between Embler-Tannith and Dalorn. The gates of the Wall of Tannith open and new cities are built.

-90 The Rain of Fire ends, and Embler-Tannith declares the Barrens of Embler its property. No one questions them.

-98 Idrial sees an opening and captures Dalorn’s land across the Strait of Idrial.

-100 Embler-Tannith burns the city of Iris and the surrounding countryside to the ground, creating the Barrens and ending the war with Dalorn. They finish building the Wall of Tannith shortly after.

-102 Embler-Tannith is stopped at the city of Iris, when the cities of Dalorn unite to defend themselves.

-160 Embler-Tannith begins a large-scale war of conquest, bringing the entire Western continent under its flag.

-300 Embler-Tannith goes to war with Idrial. They conquer multiple cities before they are pushed by back the national army and the Cult of the Sacred Wind.

-360 Embler-Tannith begins its first war of conquest, annexing the majority of its home continent, and fighting a war with Idrial.

-400 Embler and Tannith unite under a single flag, making it the most powerful military might in the world, and the first Republic.

-413 Embler takes the city of Tannith, but leaves it in peace.

-440 The Cult of the Wind’s prediction does not come true. They believe that they miscalculated their interpretation of the tablets, and continue to make predictions that fail to come true.

-455 Embler begins the 40-Year Siege of Tannith.

-472 Tannith goes to war with Embler.

-490 The Cult of the Sacred Wind predict that the Maelstrom will end in 50 years.

-500 The Cult of the Sacred Wind claims they discover Stone Tablets written by the Raven Knights that reveal secrets of the universe to them. No one out of the highest priests of the cult have ever seen the Tablets. They may not even exist.

-830 The First King of Idrial walks into the graveyard, lies down, and dies, exactly as he had predicted.

-860 First King of Idrial and unites the noble Houses under a single flag.

-2000 The people of Ulterr develop a written history. Anything before this is up for dispute and little is known about it.

Time of Legends

-The Maelstrom has existed for all time.

- I will add more to Prehistory when I have the time.


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