Religions of Ulterr

The people of Ulterr worship 5 major elements and their aspects. There are also Gods that are treated more like Saints. Shrines, followers, legends, and the occasional cleric, but major temples to Gods are rare.

The elements in order of power and the area where they are have the most temples.

Earth – Tannith
Water – Dalorn
Fire – Embler
Wind – Idrial (Followers of Wind do not have any Divine magic, which leads some to believe it is a false religion)

Each element is broken into aspects that are worshiped with temples built in their honor. There are also a number of mythological figures from long ago. Here are just a few examples.


The First Father
The Maker
The Raven King and his Raven Knights
The Pure One
The Trickster

Some Example Aspects

The Fire of the Heart – Aspect of Bravery.
The Great Sail – Aspect of Adventure.
Mother Earth – Aspect of Life.

Religions of Ulterr

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