PC Character Creation

Each of your characters are the heroes, influential, and/or important people in Dalorn. In each session, the party will be called together to deal with something for the Nation. Between games, they will retire to do their own thing for a period of time, and send back communications to their contacts.

First, decide who your character is in the world, where they come from (Note all starting PCs are from a City State in Dalorn), and what they hope to do. Let me know what your City State is like, and don’t be afraid to be an incredibly influential character! I will have a write up to help you.

Next, spend your Background points on Backgrounds, Influence, and Merits and Flaws . Put together a Wishlist of additional things you feel that you need to flesh out your character, but did not have the points for.

I made a PC Worksheet to help organize backgrounds.

Finally, create a level 4 character using my 4th Edition 4.5 Rules.

Then, send me a write up with this information, and who your character is!

PC Character Creation

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