Embler tannith token

Civilization to the North West of Dalorn, separated by the Barrens of Embler and Wall of Tannith.

Ruled by Taryn Para, the High Councilor.

Centuries ago Embler-Tannith was two nations, Embler and Tannith. Being close to the Maelstrom of Alleryn, they were in constant threat by monsters and natural disasters. Embler reacted by training the most powerful warriors and mages in Ulterr. Tannith took a very different approach by building great walls and strong buildings. It did not take long for the two nations to join forces and share their knowledge and resources to fight the effects of the Maelstrom.

They were unable to find the same shared history and culture with the people of Dalorn. It did not take long for disagreements and war. A wall was constructed to separate the two countries. After years of peace, new generations forgot the conflict and began trading by the wall. Even so, Embler-Tannith maintains control over the wall and its trade cities, and heavily frowns upon outsiders entering their borders.


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