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This campaign has completed and is no longer active.

Welcome to “The Storm Clears,” my biggest D&D undertaking so far, inspired by my role-playing blog, and the webseries I am starting, Pen & Paper & Laser Guns. This game runs most Sundays at Meltdown Comics. Check our Meetup to see if it will be running.

In this campaign, a party of PCs will operate in a constantly shifting and changing world as they vie for personal power, the future of their country, or try to bring peace to the world. Major NPC decisions will often be made by specific “NPC” players, who do not play at the table. Eventually, I will be adding two more parties to the world on other continents. Lots of PCs with different goals, and powerful NPCs out of my control, will be working at the same time to change the face of Ulterr.

See the Wiki for additional information.

I have just added a new Damage Formula

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Campaign Map as of August 2013

Home Page

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